South Korea Learning Exposure 2019

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South Korea Learning Exposure is one of program by Studec International. Studec international is an education foundation that having vision to help people going abroad, to build international network, upgrade skills, exchange activities and volunteerism activities. In addition of Studec endeavours increasing education, leadership, cultural, entrepreneurship and heighten awareness thought the skills by the experience speakers.

As a foundation concerning on youth capacity building, we encourage young leaders to prepare themselves answering the future challenge. This program aims to connecting the Indonesian youth into the global network, observing what a company doing and understand not only the theory but also the practice, visiting one of the best university in South Korea and learning how the ecosystem of student-life, enhancing their skills with excursion program.

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Learned Skills

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Videos of Previous Program

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Our Proudly Programs

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The delegates will be given a chance to have a visit to the best campuses in Seoul. They will be able to listen from the Student Ambassador’s explanation about studying in Korea and to see directly the campus life there.



A Chance to build networking with the student ambassadors for good friendship and to be more motivated to study abroad.



The delegates will learn about how to make Korean traditional food (Kimchi) with local people in Korean House, wearing the traditional Korean dress (Hanbok) and Explore the historical of Korean building.

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Gallery of Previous Program

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